Why does Commitment Matter?

I come from a background in a world where perfection is imperative.  Quality, not quantity.  Lean Six Sigma is defined in the general field as a way to improve business operations through statistical data.  However, it goes much deeper than that with identifying the needs of clients and total satisfaction.  This includes planning, sorting and organization, training, cost savings to you, and 100% perfection in mind.  My training in Lean Six Sigma and my commitment in education reflects how committed I am not just for myself, my family, but for my customers.

In Grad school, and working for companies where Six Sigma is important, I relay this to my clients.  My commitment is to give you everything I got and MORE to make your night the best there is and to ensure success.  I don’t tear down early, I react professionally to people, and provide a plan.  I commit that I am not a cheesy DJ/Emcee, I don’t steal the spotlight with Banners, crowd the stage with a Microphone after every song. I am professional from every aspect.  My intentions for a night is to make the EVENT shine.  This is all about you.  Not me.  I have done many things “behind the scenes” that many of my clients never knew about or found out later that gives the “extra mile”.  I would love to share these with you in person during our first meeting.  The couple in this picture had no idea the caterer was late, I redirected the night and the guests had no idea.  The bride and groom didn’t know until after the wedding/reception.

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