Planning and preparation is such an important element in any business.  It’s how the business owner executes the planning that is imperative.

There are several things I put on the top of my list and it includes planning, communication, and systems (including backup systems).

Proper planning leads to successful events and client satisfaction outcome.  My initial meeting outlines methods and flow that I have used over and over with clients.  This flow has been customized and tailored differently for various reasons.  Listening during this planning process is important.  I’m all ears.


Ever called a business and you want to give them potential business and they don’t call you back or it takes them a day and a half to call back?  I make every effort from the very first contact to respond within minutes.  If not minutes, first opportunity but more importantly it will occur within a day.

It doesn’t stop after our first contact.  It remains a priority that we stay in contact with each other all the way to the day of your event.  Along with my other commitments, communication is at the top of my list as well.

Assuming the music is right isn’t enough.  Is it the right artist?  Version?  Do you know how many remake songs there are for just “Over the Rainbow”?  How about pronunciations for names?  All these are covered in my 20-step process plan.

Preparation in Depth

Something a lot of DJ’s Don’t Think About!  Visit Why Rob for more details as part of preparation.

  • What-if scenarios, comes from experience too.
  • 20-step process planning.
  • Creative ideas for fun activities.
  • Emcee/DJ Microphone Experience
  • Positive Attitude
  • Radio edited music?
  • Professionally dressed.
  • Insured.  Some venues demand it.
  • Individual Reliability and Equipment Reliability.
  • Venue and Vendor Relationships