What music do you play?

During an initial consultation I am invested in learning and understanding your genre preference.  Everyone is different when it comes to music and there are variances with everyone in their taste of music.  Depending on the event, I will make suggestions but will listen mostly to feedback.  When it comes to my listening of music and taste preferences, I am considered extremely diverse and depending on the mood I could be listening from Chill Music to Reggae (Hawaiian at times), Hip-Hop/Rap, or even Texas Country..  I love ALL music believe it or not and ALL Genres.  When I tell you the concerts I have attended in the past you would likely be shocked.  But when it comes to YOUR event, it’s not about MY preference. It’s about YOU.

Are you Insured?

Yes I am.  And a lot of venues in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex require DJ Liability Insurance coverage before working an event.

Do you mind providing references?

Of course, I recommend reaching out to past clients.  How would you know other than word-of-mouth right?  I can also provide references to industry leaders that are vendors as well.

What are your fees? What do you charge?

Although a very valid question, my initial consult determines your needs because event varies in many ways.  However, please know I am completely fair, I charge a flat rate the majority of the time and i value quality over quantity.  The vast majority of my clients know and see this from my initial meeting.  No hidden fees, no consult fees, and I never book another event on the same day ever.  My energy and concentration is to give 110% and your event.  Because my business is 97% referrals, i don’t look to charge overtime or nickel and dime my clients, it depends on the event and my pricing is comparable in the DFW Market.

What Venues Do You Work With?

I have worked in many venues in the Dallas Fort Worth and yes I do travel.  Some clients (understandably so) might have concerns about a location where I may have not DJ’ed and think I may not be familiar with their flow or systems, but I do several things in this case.  I will schedule a site visit and I will contact the venue management or coordinators.  I am humble to mention that I am also a preferred vendor in many locations and this is because I treat these vendors and venues with respect.  Knowing many vendors and venues is extremely helpful for not just me, but for the vendors/venues and for my clients.  This is a win-win situation.

How Do You Keep The Crowd Going?

This is also a common question.  Have you ever been to an event where a DJ is playing music and doesn’t look around the crowd or plays what THEY want to hear and not what the crowd needs to hear?  Every event is different and when the initial consult is scheduled, we talk a lot about this with expectations from start to finish.  Crowd pleasing for a DJ is to stay engaged, understand the dynamics of the room and the people.  I have tricks in my bag and sometimes they are a surprise but know they aren’t cheesy because I don’t like cheesy DJ’s.  This isn’t about ME, it’s about making things right for my client and for their guests.