Williams Family

This is literally my world, my wife and 3 daughters.  Tina wouldn’t go out with me at first, so I took the “friends” appro
ach for a very long time.  It worked out.  As a matter of fact it has worked for 26 years since our first date and been married since 1995.

Re-living the teenage years I could probably leave out (through my girls).  However, my time spent outside of work is 100% with my kids.  We like to travel, we love to camp, and just be silly with each other.

It’s my goal in life to be a good Christian father, a teacher of life to my children, and to provide a solid foundation for them.  Life is short, I make this clear to my girls and I encourage them to reach for the stars but make wise decisions.

If you are wondering, yes, there is only one other male in the house but he’s blind, has four legs, and runs into walls unfortunately and at times falls into the pool.  His name is Harley, named after the motorcycle I couldn’t afford.